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2014 Football Schedule added.

Lewisburg Patriot High School Football 


Welcome to the web site for the Lewisburg Patriot Football Booster Club. The purpose of the booster club is to support the Lewisburg football program and to enhance the football experience for our players.


Sept 9th Updates

Author: LBC Posted at 09/09/14

Cow Patty Bingo:  Mr. Fleming has encouraged all sports to have a Cow Patty Bingo contest.  The purpose for this is to allow other sports (especially non-revenue producing) to have a good method for fundraising, which will allow football to keep more of our gate money.  The contest will be handled by the baseball boosters.  The buy in is $100 per sport and the winner gets $1,000.  Once we pay our buy in we keep all money for tickets sold.  This money will go to the school but it will be put directly into football's budget.  Tickets on $10 each, or 3 for $25.  The contest will take place on the evening of our game against Center Hill (Sept 26th).  Please let me know if you would like tickets to sell. 
We have our first home game this Friday night.  We need volunteers for the following:

1.  I need two or three dads to handle the passing game at the beginning of half time. 

2. We need someone to man a table to sell cow patty bingo tickets. 

Also, homecoming is September 19th against Mitchell.  We are in need of someone to pull a trailer in the homecoming parade to carry football players.  Please let me know if you anyone would be available.  The parade line up is at 8:15 that morning.


Author: LBC Posted at 08/15/14

Please note that the time for tonights (August 15th) Jamboree  game has been changed to 7:00 PM.

August 8th Updates

Author: LBC Posted at 08/08/14

Important reminders and updates.

1.  Program ads are due today.  Please make sure those are turned in ASAP. 


2.  Team Pictures:  Team pictures will be taken tomorrow at 6:30 A.M.  Players need to be there by 6:15.  It is imperative that all players show up, even if you don’t plan on purchasing the pictures.  The photos are used for the game program and we want to make sure that everyone is included.


3.  Meet the Patriots:  We will have our "Meet the Patriots" evening next Thursday, August 14th at 6:00 P.M.  This event usually last less than an hour.  It is very nice for players and their families.  It will be followed by a brief but mandatory booster club meeting.


4.  Mandatory Booster Club Meeting:  There will be a brief, but mandatory booster club meeting next Thursday evening immediately  after Meet the Patriots.  We will be holding the meeting in the gym.  You can enter through the doors directly behind the football stands.  We want everyone to have a chance to see the work that has been done to our facilities over this past spring and summer.  So many parents never see what goes on behind the scenes with the team.  The locker rooms, meeting/film room and weight room will be opened up so parents and family members can get a good look. 

This will be our final meeting for this season.  Items to be discussed:

A.  Patriot Day
B.  Duties for Upcoming games.
C.  Player Fees

5.  Jamboree:  We will be playing at home against Horn lake.  The varsity will play two quarters starting at 6:00 P.M.  The JV will play two quarters immediately after. 

6.  Patriot Day:  Patriot Day is scheduled for August 23rd.  We host a 5K and fun run on that day.  As I have stated before, we don’t ask your kids (or you since parents usually end up doing it) to go out and sell discount cards, Boston Butts, etc.  This is our only fundraiser for the year and it’s how we raise the majority of our operating money for the season.  Full participation of varsity, JV and 9th grade players is expected in the run.  They can run, walk or crawl, we just need them to participate. 

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